Zuum Machine – Auto 123Roulette

First New 123Roulette Product Released 

On-Line Casino and Live Casino operators will be happy to know that for the first time this century, and in fact for many years, there is a new Roulette product for their customers to experience.

As easy as 1,2,3………………..Roulette

The official name is ‘123Roulette’ and it’s being displayed publicly for the first time this week in Madrid, Spain. At the Fer-Interaza Madrid from March 28th to 30th. 2017, or more properly XXXVI Feria Internacional del Juego.Jess Chavez - Founder and Managing Director, Maximum Game International
The inventor, Jess Chavez-Munos, CEO of Maximum Games International, is a veteran of the traditional Live gaming tables, but he’s no ‘traditionalist’!

No so long ago Jess had that ‘Light-Bulb’ moment that we see in the cartoons, and in a flash of brilliance, 123Roulette was born. More recently CasinoSolutionPro was lucky enough to be invited to review the product, and the most surprising thing about the new wheel – was my own negative bias.

Yep; someone who consciously tries to keep an open mind on things new, had an initial reaction of “You can’t do that!”. Then I paused and thought of the game methodology and the Odds. I then started answering my own negatives.

This, explained Jess, is what most casino veterans end up doing, and in the end, there is just no real reason why the wheel can’t be treated in the manner shown below.

In fact casino operators the World over has responded positively to the concept.

New Online Casino Roulette....The new name of this roulette is 123Roulette


There are still 37 sections on the wheel, and 38 if the American Double Zero version is selected, with the payout odds the same as the standard French and American wheel equivalents.

On a Live table the layout (Gaming Cloth) looks the same as does the rest of the tables furniture.

The numbers though are not the seemingly haphazard jumbled arrangement, we are all so familiar with. What’s more the numbers being consecutive changes nothing; and everything.

ZUUM Gaming

For the ‘purists’ not being able to call a French bet might be a buzz kill, but for those many millions more who have tried the ‘systems’ and found them wanting. This is a new dawn, a fresh start and if you’ve never played the Queen of Casino games, this version is much more understandable and easier to focus where on the wheel and table the action is related to.

Right now it’s in auto-roulette format on the Zuum Stand at the Madrid show – but soon I suspect, it’ll be in a casino near you, or on your favourite Casino website.


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