Summit of iGaming Malta - SUPA SIGMA SHOW!

SIGMA - iGaming Event Of The Season

Mr Pulis, what can we all say, but a hearty THANK YOU. Three years into your initiative and this year’s Summit of iGaming Malta 2016 also knows as SiGMA at the Intercontinental Hotel and Eden Arena provided the new benchmark for the iGaming Industry, new records have been set at double the previous years.

You and your team have marketed their socks off and created concepts for the On-Line Casino industry to run with and evolve. Double the attendee’s, nearly double the stands, new companies and the latest products coming to display their wares.

Wow, what a week, my liver has only just recovered!

Live Dealt Roulette

The explosive growth of the studio live dealt casino operators both here in Malta and abroad was well reflected on the floor of the SiGMA show. Lucky Streak Casino had their beautiful Ladies entertaining everyone, whilst BetHard just let us all ‘have a punt’ – with fun money of course.

The most innovative Live Dealt Casino games though were from ‘HollyWood TV’, yep, a new mega themed TV quality Games provider with plenty of interesting sets, including ‘Cleopatra’ – what else!

Random Fella With A Couple Of Cleos - Sigma - Summit of iGaming Malta

Some Random Fella With a Pair of Cleo’s

Diversity made real

To get a handle on just how interesting this On-Line Gaming show is, here’s a bit of a spread.

Already mentioned was a themed Live Dealt Gaming set based on Ancient Eygpt, down the walkway from that and there was the ‘Ganapati’ stand, which for those of you who missed the show is a Manga based games company – to whom I can only say “Nice Ninja, dudes”.

Meanwhile, around the Malta Gaming Authority stand we found the usual suspects from the Compliance companies, and cunningly tagged to the end of that row was a Swedish Bank.


Watch SiGMA Highlights

Yes, you read that right. A F++k++g Bank! Seriously, these guys at Catella Bank are so switched on they realised that this is a market growing so fast. With such special needs, that a focused bank could make good business, and hats off to them too, for joining the party.


Back in the main floor, only at SiGMA could you get an extremely Little Man, riding an electric Quad bike, towing a HUGE pink advertising balloon. Having hours of fun chasing extremely Tall Ladies who were show hosting for the other stands. You couldn’t make this stuff up, really.

Play Live Casino, Play Poker, Play Live Sports

One of the many extra and plus aspects of the SiGMA event are the Networking side events. The opening night Charity Poker, the OlyBet drinks party in the new Casino Malta and of course the Closing After Party. (in the same building as the show) 

Of course there are a few serious bits ……

Plenty of Conferencing sessions with highly relevant topics, plus this year a ‘Dragon Den’ type Start Up funding presentation by those all important ‘new ideas to market’ guys.

Casino Malta LogoFor those who needed a breather from the brainy stuff, the Casino Malta entrance was just down the passage, and yes I saw you – you know who you are!

In between crafty punts in the casino, the diverse selection of topics in the conferences mirrored the show floor. Headings such as ‘Bridging the gaming industries for Millennials’ were discussed by really knowledgeable chaps such as Valery Bollier, CEO of Oulala. Whilst Malta’s own Angelo Dalli, CEO of Bit8 brought a wealth of expertise to the debate on the use of predictive analysis to spot fraud. Simon Planzer showed his skill set, with contributions to Compliance sessions and In-Play Sports Betting.

A special note is for Russell Mifsud of KPMG, who not only Moderated, but generally seemed to be on top of things all the time – good job Russ.

Meanwhile the less said about Steve Donoghue’s absence the better – you were missed mate!

‘I only told you to Blow the Bloody doors off!’

Did I mention Eman Pulis, his Team, and the new ideas? Oh, yes, second paragraph, I lose the plot sometimes. Anyway, new thing this year, and what a great idea it was too.

Stay Tuned For Sigma'17

For those of us who are familiar with gaming shows; then to say the last couple of hours of any show, any where, on any day of the week, are a bit ‘dead’ would be an understatement.

Not at SiGMA though.

iGaming Malta Careers Convention | SiGMA iGAMING MALTA WEEK

The last three hours were an invitation event to the Student and Graduates here in Malta. A chance for them to come in a see if a career in gaming might be a fit for their characters and hopes.

Big thing here – the companies need bright, motivated and able staff; the Graduates need a leg up.

Well, this idea, indeed, did blow the doors off. Lots of prospects for the companies to select and loads of chances for the future to SiGMA 2017 Logothose who pitched up.

Good Luck to you all.

One more thing…………………..for you Mr. Eman, this is a great problem to have, and the kind of challenge I know you love.

How to expand this puppy for next year? I can’t wait.

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