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Even with the gaming market being somewhat saturated, and If you think there are enough casinos out there. Then you could easily be very wrong! With consumers exercising increased discretionary spending. It doesn’t help the casino market tremendously. In view of this situation, companies have taken steps in order to address this, through refinancing efforts, and other possible means. After a year of reaping benefits because of low gasoline prices and increased employment figures. Reality is expected to hit the casino industry. People change their way of living, and different generations have different tastes. While the older generation is still into brick and mortar casino gambling. The newer generation is more entertained by other alternatives, such as online social casino games. These options are hitting casinos in a bad way. Mainly because consumers are opening their wallets for these virtual places, as opposed to traditional venues.

Social Casino Games apps and platforms are getting more important for operators.

Social Casino Games - Huge Market Sector

Online Social Gaming Is Growing

This doesn’t mean that the casino business has quietened down, although according to analysts, 2016 is predicted to be a stable year.
Placing an online bet nowadays simply involves pressing a few buttons on your mobile, and hope luck’s in your favour. There are no threats, or difficulties, and this sort of mobile gambling sites has been fully accepted as the norm.

With the very large sums of money which can be won, this entices people of all ages. To use their smartphones when they can, with the intention of bettering their financial position.

What is Social Casino Industry

Different Online Social Casino Games

Online gaming is by now quite popular, but with regards to social casino games, these are still somewhat of a new phenomenon. Since we are living in the social media age. It comes as no surprise that social casino games have finally received their share of the gambling market.These social casino games are revolutionizing the online gaming world as we know it. This type of casino is set up in a more casual environment and one can play there for a fraction of the cost, if any at all, as opposed to how much one would normally play on a typical online casino.

What is Social Casino Games

Social casino games differs from real-life gambling as users look at it as playing casual games. They are played for smaller amounts, and there is no casino-pull effect. Which includes noise, flashing lights, and dark halls. Like casino games, social games do attempt to lure the addictive factor. But it’s carried out in a more playful manner.

Like normal online casinos, social casino games operate in much the same way. Offering similar games, with slots being the most popular. The only difference here is that huge jackpots don’t exist, and players win small amounts, virtual currency, as well as new levels of game features.

Like in the case of Facebook, and various other social media sites, a player can invite friends to join in the fun. They can compete against each other, and exchange prizes, such as free spins. This ‘social’ aspect makes it more engaging and relaxing than standard solitary online gambling.

British New Online Social Casino | Slotster

The majority of these social casino gamess are for pure entertainment purposes only. That is no real cash gambling is involved. However, there exist a few where you can use real money. At the moment, hitting the headlines, is the British Internet Casino, Slotster.
With Slotster, you just need to log in, and you’re given 50 chip spins to play on any branded slots casino game of your choice. It’s neat and simple, and you don’t need any code to enter to start playing away.

Online Casino Slots are getting more popular.

Online Social Slots Casino Games

Social casino games are very popular particularly among mobile users. It is surprising how this has come about, especially when one considers the objective of these games. That is, not to bet, or win, real money. There doesn’t seem to be any negative impact on this type of gaming, but quite the contrary . In the sense that the play demographic is already broad as it is, and is expected to become broader.

Slot Social Casino Games

Slot games are the most popular, and in the U.S. market, females over the age of forty have found this sort of gaming very entertaining. In other parts of the world, mainly Italy, the young males are prominent in this field.
Statistics have shown that players participate just to have a good time in an environment where there is no financial risk. No fear that they will loose big time. In fact, these people are more gamers than gamblers. Even though you can actually win virtual currency, most aren’t really bothered about this. Are more interested to progress through the levels of the game to win.

Operators who want to enjoy a slice of the revenue involved, need to approach the situation in an entirely different manner. It’s not like a gambler dropping cash into a slot machine, or betting at a card table. The money to be made from these games comes from offering features within the game itself. These features can be the earning of prizes, or the collection of rewards, as well as extra goods and currency which allow players to unlock special features, and prompts them with an incentive to play.

Facebook, the social media network giant, has over fifty percent of users who play on social games. The top five games are TexasHoldEm, DoubleDown Casino, Slotmania, Bingo Blitz and Best Casino. Believe it or not, these games collectively drawn in well over eleven million users a day.

Social casino games, as well as other entertainment alternatives, like instant lottery tickets and online gaming, will certainly have a
negative impact of regional operators, as well as slot suppliers.

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