Play casino online slots For Real Money Guide and Strategy

What are Casino Online Slots Game Categories?

Casino online slots games come under different categories and in this article, we will try to dig deeper and understand what every category has to offer to the players. You need to understand the different categories because that help’s in choosing an interesting game of your liking. It’s not that you like every casino online slots game that you play – you find some to be really interesting and some too boring! Thus, in order to save you from the ordeal of playing a boring game, here’s a lowdown of what to expect from different types of casino online slots games. 

It’s not that only a particular type of casino online slots will appeal to you – games from different categories can also be included in your gaming portfolio. Irrespective of whether you play casino slots regularly or simply love to entertain yourself from time to time, you will find the blow list really interesting. Try the games that you find interesting because that’s the only way to understand whether you really love them or not.

Here we go…

Classic and Three Reel Casino Slots

Casino Slot Machine Using Coins.

Classic Casino Slots

We are beginning our list with the most primary category of casino online slots games and it’s known as  Classic or Three Reel slots. These games are designed keeping in mind the needs of the most basic gamers. Players can enjoy this game without worrying too much about the technicalities involved and can do so with a much laid back attitude. Your slot playing sessions will be short and relaxed wherein you can take your time in deciding your bets.

While playing the Classic slots, you will be offered only a single payline which you can put to play. You shall be provided with three reels but at times you might also get the opportunity to play with multiple coins per pin. Casino online slots usually reward the players who play multiple coins per spin with a bigger jackpot.

Three Reel Slots are the casino online slots that come with only three reels but players get the option of playing multiple paylines per spin. There are several three reel casino online slots that offer 3 or 5 optional paylines. It’s best to check out the pay tables associated with these games as there are chances of finding higher jackpot payouts that can be won by playing with paylines with higher numbers.

Video Slot Games

Video slots are the most popular casino online slots games played and these games are loaded with 5 reels. However, the only thing that differentiates these games from others is that they offer a wide range of paylines which players can put to play. Almost all the major online casino video slots offer more than the 5 basic paylines and there are some that even allow players to use over 1000 paylines for every spin!

The primary attraction of video slots games is that players can trigger multiple bonus type features while playing. Even the number of base games compulsory to be played before triggering the bonus feature also varies. However, when you are playing somewhere between 100 and 150 base spins, you will be able to trigger at least one of the bonus features.

Every casino online slots want to play the video slot because they want to avail the bonus features. The triggering of the bonus features helps the players win sets of free spins, pick to win and even match type bonus games that can help them win higher payouts.

You can refer to casino online slots guides to learn more about the video slots and the interesting bonus features. Once you gain the basic knowledge about triggering the bonus features, you will be able to win higher rewards.

Progressive Casino Slots Games

The progressive slot games are unique casino online slots that many people find really interesting to play. In these types of  casino online slots, the jackpot payout is often linked to other slots bearing the same name. Whenever a players play any of these slots, a fraction of the stake money is put into the central jackpot.

The progressive jackpots are unique in nature because it keeps growing till any of the players finally wins one of them. As soon as a player wins the jackpot, they are awarded the money and the jackpot is reset to its base value. Again he same old process starts wherein the jackpot starts growing in value till players keep playing these casino online slots.

It is really important to point out that there are a few progressive slots that have a jackpot which can be own only by players putting into play all their paylines or pays the slot marked with the highest bet valued spins. However, you will also be coming across a few casino online slots that award their progressive jackpots randomly. Now these progressive jackpots are extremely popular because players can win by playing at any stake level and the winning does not depend on the payline numbers – everyone has a chance of winning the jackpot.

Fruit Machines

Even the most experienced casino online slots player find the fruit machines a little too confusing to come to terms with. Fruit machines are a bit complex as they operate in a completely different manner than the other casino slots. These games are loaded with the classic three reel playing system but this is where the similarity with other casino online slots ends. These games are designed to award the players with frequent bonus game features.

Fruit Machines offer the perfect combination for winning prizes in slot games that people find only in UK. Originally these slots were launched to offer players a greater entertainment value and unique gaming experience. Players can occasionally win some really huge payouts.

These casino online slots are often put in clubs and pubs and even licensed premises to help visitors while away their time while keeping themselves busy with something more interesting than a pint of beer. These are generally low stake games where players get to win small payouts from time to time.

 Casino Online Slot Game Designers and Gaming Platforms

Casino online slots games are extremely popular because they offer an amazing gaming experience besides helping gamers make some quick bucks. You must have often wondered about the people who design and develop these awesome casino online slots games. In this article, we are going to learn about the casino online slots game designers as well as the gaming platforms.

Well, there are several companies that design casino online slots games but there are a few that even provide casino online slots software gaming platforms. You need an engine to run a car and you need gaming platforms for designing casino online slots games.  As expected every gaming company offers their unique gaming platforms with unique designing and development features. Thus, the casino online slots games designed with the help of this software will have unique features and will offer something different to the players.

If you’re interested in finding  casino online slots gaming platform that you can tweak and design according to your requirements then you can have a look at the below mentioned list. The best thing about this list is that you will be able to compare the casino online slots gaming software and find the one that suits your gaming needs.

Check out the websites of all online casino sites that look interesting and find out the gaming platform they are using. Once you have the name, you can then compare with the below list to understand what exactly to expect when you use any of these gaming software platforms. 

One thing to keep in mind is that all the casino online slots game designers on our list have had their games tested as well as certified independently for being random and fail. Thus, you can go ahead and play at any of these casino sites that use their gaming platforms. 

Let’s begin the exciting journey! Here’s the comprehensive list of casino online slots gaming platforms:

The Competitors between the mayor companies that make the best casino online slots.


This is the most popular among all gaming platforms and powers the highest number of online casino games. You can download this gaming platform and create your magical casino online slots game at any point in time. Microgaming also offers another Flash powered software platform, which you can’t download but directly use to enjoy an impressive game collection. 

Microgaming is one of the oldest game development company and they started way back in the year 1994. The company has been offering some exciting game suites over the past two decades and has considerably expanded their games portfolio. Their gaming platform too has witnessed immense improvement and more exciting features have been added to it.

A wide range of casino online slots games are offered by the casino online slots that use Microgaming gaming platform. Players playing casino online slots games powered by Microgaming gaming platform can avail different types of settings option, which helps every player create their unique gaming experience every time they log into their casino online slots accounts.

Their gaming platform is so flexible that it offers a complete audit trail of all the moves that a player makes. Another great feature is the use of tabbed browser which helps the player open up multiple games concurrently. 


Playtech is another major gaming platform provider in the world that is renowned for its wide range of casino online slots games. For the past two decades the company has produced some really amazing suite of games that have become immensely popular with gamers. You can even find them in various physical casino slots as well.

Playtech started out with designing casino online slots games and then later moved on to offer those to the physical casinos. On the other hand there are companies that often start by offering gaming platforms to physical casinos and then offer those games online. Players and casino online slots websites have made immense use of this gaming platform.

Playtech offers a great variety of casino online slots games and just like its Microgaming counterpart, they also offer a downloadable as well as a non-downloadable Flash powered gaming suite. You can try both of these variations and then settle for the one that suits your gaming need and taste.

The casino online slots gaming platform offered by Playtech are also offered for the mobile phone gaming. You can download and use this gaming platform on any mobile device like smartphones and tablets. Their online gaming platform is really interesting and since the online games are now playable on mobile phones, things are simply looking great.

IGT Interactive

IGT is another popular company known for providing the casino slots game for the land based casinos. The company has been designing and powering the physical casino slots all over the world and are one of the biggest providers of land based slot games. Their casino slots game development experience is extends well over two decades and their games are popular with every type of gamer. They are popular for a wide range of games which extends from the basic 3 slots games to awesome video slot games. 

IGT, like all other game designing companies, have now launched their casino online slots games that even include some of the popular land based slot games. They have come up with a new company called IGT Interactive, which works on developing the online versions of all their popular land based casino slots game.

The non-downloadable Flash powered games can be played without downloading the games onto your computer.


NetENT has its name registered in the Guinness Book of World Records because one of their casino online slots game paid out the highest ever progressive jackpot that anyone has ever won online. Thus, the company is officially one of the most popular slots gaming designing companies in the world.

All the major casino online slots games offered by NetEnt are unique and interesting and do not match with any of the other game development platforms. The bespoke games developed by the company include amazing features that no other casino online slots games offer.

You can directly play the games if you don’t have the download facility but those games are mostly card games and table games. 

Optimal Playing Strategy for  Casino Online Slots

Casino online slots players have a variety of tricks up their sleeves for playing different types of slot games. There are few who prefer to Online casino concept. Mobile phone, slot machine, dice and cards. 3dplay low stake games and wait till they win some big jackpots. On the other hand there are many who prefer putting in maximum bet spins and either end up losing or winning a good amount of money. There is also another set of players who love to play with a mixed strategy wherein they put in some bets at low stakes and some with maximum bet spin while playing.

There have been many interesting instances wherein players are seen praying really hard to lady luck after putting in the maximum bet spin. Some players are even seen putting in smaller bets and expecting huge returns and making all sorts of funny gestures while playing! This all shows one thing – players are desperate for wins and majority of them really lack an optimal casino online slots strategy

Optimal playing strategy for casino online slots is designed around the plan to maximize the winning chances while playing casino online slots. In this article we are going to carefully guide you in understanding and creating your unique strategy to win big with casino online slots.

Choosing the type of casino online slots to pay

There are numerous casino online slots games available in the market and the choice of the type of game you play will determine whether you win or lose. Don’t be deceived by the look of a game and straightway plunge into putting your bets – that’s a sure recipe for disaster! Randomly choosing the type of casino online slots will minimize your chances of winning a decent bet.

 You need to take the most important aspect into account while making your choice of the casino online slots games, which is to choose the game that has the highest payout percentages. If you choose casino online slots games that have payout percentage of more than 90% then your chances of winning will be considerably be increased. However, if you choose games with lower payout percentage then winning chances will be highly decreased.

In order to get an in-depth understanding of game payout percentages for casino online slots, you will have to refer to the different online guides. By referring to these online guides, you will be able to enhance your winning chances while playing casino online slots.

Opting for the stake level at Which to Play

The most challenging decisions that a player has to make while playing casino online slots is to choose the stakes for each spin of the reels. Prior to setting the reels into motion, it is important to decide the stake because majority of the slots offer multiple paylines along with a range of coin values to choose. There are also a few slots that allow players to play more than a single coin every payline, which eventually traps you into going for the maximum bet spin and then hoping to rake in some moolah. 

However, this is a big problem because if you’re not sure of the payouts. Thus, it’s imperative to study the pay tables associated with the slots as there are several slots that offer boosted and improved payouts when you choose to play slots with maximum lines. Even if you wish to play a particular slot with the highest number of coins in play for every payline, you can expect to get a boosted payout.

Now, you can consider yourself to be really lucky to find a casino online slots game that offers boosted winning payouts for the maximum bet spins or line then you should put a sensible stake per spin. You can even expect to get the slot games that also allow a good number of spins under your playing budget.

In case the casino online slots offers a bonus game, you can witness the bonus being offered after you have completed base spins in the range of 100 and 150. Now, you shall have to arrange your stake levels on that particular slot to facilitate playing all the paylines while also getting minimum 150 spins from the slot playing budget.

Find out the best time to stop playing

Ask any professional or even an amateur about the most vital part of a casino online slots strategy is to spot the perfect time to end a session. However, this is extremely difficult to decide, especially when you’re winning and raked in quite some profit.

Every player undergoes two different types of experiences – either they end up losing a session or they end up winning a session. However, it will be your willpower to end a session at the perfect time that will help you to limit your losses when things don’t really go in your favor. On the other hand, you also need the willpower to end the session when the reels are simply in your favor.

It’s extremely important to stop playing at the right time but that depends on some factors like the actual gaming budget. You must always keep in mind the gaming budget, which you have allocated to a session of slot playing. For instance, if you have a gambling budget of at least 500.00 then you will need to set aside that amount for play slots and then you can set an achievable winning figure and then set the max losing limit. 

Often professional gamers do the most sensible thing wherein they increase their gaming budget by about 50%. Thus, if we take in the above example, then you can increase your bankroll of 500 by 50% to 750 i.e. an increment of 250. However, you need to stop the minute your reach the figure of 750. 

On the other hand, your losing limit should never be higher than 50% of the available gambling budget and you must stop playing the moment you reach 100. You need to set modest goals as far as winning limits and winning goals are concerned as that will put you in a winning place.


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