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Today we have the internet and with it we can play roulette online; but the game of roulette has long history. The world famous Roulette, a game of French invention dating back to the 17th Century. Can be played anywhere, and at any time you get the urge to try your luck on your favourite numbers. The name was derived from the French word for ‘little wheel’, which was mainly the product of one of Blaise Pascal’s inventions in the process of creating a perpetual motion machine.

Versions Pascal’s Roulette wheel is found in every casino you go to. Without this particular game, no casino can live up to the title. This game is so popular that you find patrons sitting round the wheel even when the casino is very quiet, like in the early hours when the sun is still struggling to rise up over the Earth’s horizon.


Online Live Roulette

Online Live Roulette

One of the reasons why this game is so popular is mainly because it is so simple to play. It’s straightforward, where a player chooses a number, or numbers to bet on, and the dealer spins the ball around the Roulette wheel which is rotating in the opposite direction. Where the ball stops, in any of the numbered pockets, will be the winning number. Where Roulette players don’t really fancy their chances on slots, in today’s casino’s they have the option of playing Auto-Roulette slot machines, in place of against the Live Roulette dealer at a table.

Up to a few years ago, Roulette could only be found in real, or brick-and-mortar casinos, in an area of the venue known as the pit. The pit also typically contains Blackjack, Punto Banco and Poker tables. Roulette is looked upon as a game of class and glamour, and involves several casino personnel to operate it. Amongst others, these include the Dealer, Inspector, Pit Boss, and Gaming Manager.

Up to a few years ago, this type of game could only be found in real, or brick-and-mortar casinos, in an area of the venue known as the pit. The pit also typically contains Blackjack tables. Roulette is looked upon as a game of class and glamour, and involves several casino personnel to operate it. Amongst others, these include the dealer, game inspector, pit boss, and gaming manager.


The dealer or croupier’s job is to assist in the conduct of the game, namely with the distribution of bets and payouts. Part of the job is to also spin the ball around the circumference of the wheel. In the opposite direction, and to call out ‘No More Bets’ just before the ball is about to drop down from the rim and into one of the pockets.

The dealer then handles the payouts and removes the previous chips from the table. Where another member of the pit, known as ‘the chipper’, will sort out these into their respective colours, and places. This function is now done automatically by chip sorting machines, such as the well known ‘Chipper Champ’.

Live Roulette Casino Dealer

Roulette Dealer

The job of a dealer can be quite a stressful one, and they have to be constantly vigilant of what is going on. The dealer has to have several qualities to be successful in that job. A preferable quality is to be good with numbers, and to perform calculations on the fly. A dealer has to also be able to communicate well as apart from regular Players. There could also be newbies at the table, so that particular rules need to be explained professionally. Also in a pleasant way, so as not to scare off patrons. As a dealer will find out, the people they’re playing with can be very touchy indeed, especially if they are on a losing streak.

Things can get quite nasty, but if the dealer has the ability to deal with such situations in a calm and collected manner, the discordant atmosphere can be quickly controlled. On top of that, should the dealer be liked, tips will flow like a river and can increase their wage in a considerable manner. In view of all the stress involved in being ‘good’ at this job, regular breaks are awarded. Which usually mean a 20 or 15 minute time-out after an hour of dealing.

Other members of the staff are also allowed inside the pit. Which may be those who supply the table with chips, maintenance personnel, and security staff to handle the money boxes. The pit itself is ‘isolated’ from the surroundings usually by a rope which goes all the way round its perimeter. This is the closest point where patrons can approach the pit itself, mainly for security reasons.


When you play roulette online, the Studio based Dealer does not have the duties described above. They are more of a pleasant faced presenter than an eagle eyed game controller. Game security and upset clients are not an issue for them, so the young and camera friendly staff are generally more relaxed.


Apart from overhead cameras to record the game, microphones are also placed on the roulette table. These are both essential as the casino can actually ‘see’ and ‘hear’ what happened during a game in the event of a dispute with a client. Disputes are not uncommon, especially with patrons putting chips on their numbers after the ‘No More Bets’ has been called. Or if a patron insists that his chips were not placed on the correct numbers of his/her choice. This sometimes happens when the dealer is busy with another player, or the player has not been attentive to whether the dealer followed the instruction correctly. Having said that, the pit boss or the inspector would be called to clarify things. If no conclusions are reached, then the CCTV recordings will have to be reviewed.

During the game, refreshments are always available. Drinks are served to patrons which range from tea or coffee, soft drinks, to alcohol. The latter is served in small quantities for obvious reasons. But enough to make the player’s experience a pleasant and delightful one. An advantage of being in a real casino is that everything happens in your presence, leaving little or no margin for errors. You’re paid there and then, usually by the dealer directly, and without any questions asked. People enjoy a real casino for its atmosphere, where you feel you are part of what is going on. Part of the surroundings, and a direct contributor to the game itself.


Another way of playing Roulette, in a land-based or in one of the new online casinos, is to play the game on a slot machine, as opposed to playing with ‘real’ people. There are several slot machines that cater for this game. While Roulette can be a choice game from a menu of several other more conventional games other slot machines or Auto-Roulettes are designed to be solely dedicated to this game.

Roulette Slot Machine casino

Roulette Slot Machine

Some patrons much prefer this sort of setup as they can play at their own time. Without anybody breathing down their neck, or being forced to make their move by other players. They would still be in a casino atmosphere. They can enjoy themselves playing in ‘private’, especially if they are not well versed with the rules of the game. Usually, but not necessarily the case, once a gambler feels he’s up to it. He might migrate to the real thing for another kind of thrill.

These slot games still have a minimum and maximum bet to adhere to, and the same rules still apply as for the game which involves dealers and pit staff, such as the ‘No More Bets’ phrase. There are always pros and cons to any situation, but the player can move about his bets. Increase or decrease them as he wishes, and as many times as he wants! Without receiving any funny looks from those around. A player in this situation can still enjoy the perks of being served with snacks and drinks by the lovely hostesses who go round on a regular basis.


Anyone might argue that one is playing against a computer, that ‘knows’, or has been programmed to ‘drop’ the ball in a losing pocket. This might seem like it’s the case when a player has lost bet after bet. It’s not the intention of the people who write the games’ software at all. These games still have a percentage payout which is in line with the local gaming authority’s parameters. So winning or losing still boils down to pot luck, or the odds.


As another option to slot machine lovers, there also exist games which you follow on a screen. But the machine itself actually has a real wheel attached to it. So basically we are looking at a stand-alone roulette slot machine. Which the only access the client has to the wheel is via the monitor on his machine. In some cases, the ball can be directly pushed in by the player. Like in the case of the old pin-ball machines, where the player can pull out a spring-loaded knob on the right-hand side of the machine. Which when released, forces a ball to shoot out into the already spinning wheel. Other models utilise a blower based system, which accelerates the ball into the rotating wheel after a predetermined period. The force of the air is not constant, nor is the Roulette wheel speed, so there is random results provided. All of which are approved systems and tested by Regulatory bodies..

Novomatic Slot Station Roulette

Novomatic Panther Roulette

In this setup, even though the person is actually playing against a computer-controlled game. The outcome of the ball still lands haphazardly which is the scope of this type of Roulette. So makes it very fair for the user, Novomatic has this type of cabinet, which is known as the Panther Roulette. This game is very popular as it has a great deal of attractions built into its cabinet. Which has been designed for maximum player comfort.

In many casinos, there is a networked system of roulette, where a roulette wheel, normally situated somewhere central and visible to all, is controlled by computer or by a Dealer, depending on the operators and the players choice, and players have no direct interaction to it. A player wishing to play on this particular Roulette game can do so on specially allocated terminals. The data from the wheel’s system is fed to these terminals via a network. Some casinos have up to thirty four (34) playing stations linked to one Wheel. Making it a very communal experience.


If you don’t feel like going out of your cosy home, or there is no casino within a reasonable distance from where you are. Then you can still play your favourite game, online live roulette. Again, there are variations to this one can choose from. One can play in a virtual casino, and play this game as a slot machine, or one can choose to play it where there is a real dealer involved. The latter is more attractive with many as the gambler can actually see what is going on in real time, and can also communicate with the dealer should the need arise.

This second option is favoured by many, providing that the camera set-up is done in such a way which covers the wheel properly. As also the table and bets. The type of cameras used also play an important role in this, as if low resolution ones are used. Then the resultant picture would be poor, and might even put people off playing on it. In this set-up, one can actually hear what is going on, apart from seeing everything.

This online live roulette game involving a live dealer is very popular in casinos, and in some cases the remote participant can even interact with other players round the table, making it as real an experience as it can get. An example of this is Unfortunately, you won’t be served anything by the charming hostesses. But you can easily nip to the kitchen and get yourself a drink or a nibble. In between games, or if you don’t feel like playing for a while, you can just watch the other players at their game.


Another way you can access an online live roulette game, including dealer. Is to log on to websites which are operating from a studio, and not in a real casino. This is still classified as playing an online live roulette as there is no difference in the types of roulette wheel used, nor the attentiveness of the dealing staff. What you will see, are the roulette wheel, and the dealer in charge of that particular wheel. An example of this type of play can be found via However, the same rules apply when playing this game from a studio. As opposed to playing it from one which is situated in a live casino.

When playing remotely, it’s recommended to check out the site you’re using, as illegal ones do exist. Those that don’t pay out as they should also exist, making it very difficult for the gambler to collect his or her winnings. Some online places might be dubious, so it’s always best to go over reviews, be they positive, or negative. To check the Good, Bad and Ugly, ratings, try There is only a very small minority of these bad sites, and they are being slowly put out of business by the authorities. So there is no need to be put off if you wish to try your luck online. An advantage of playing online live roulette is that these sites would be operational 24/7. While a real casino would probably shut its doors for a few hours on a daily basis.


Playing on an online live roulette is, however, more convenient that going round to a fLive Casino. Gambling online saves you money on transportation costs. Which you can otherwise use to play, and hopefully have more enjoyment from. It saves you time getting to the venue, and back home, gaining you more time to study the game.

Online Live Roulette

Online Roulette Bet From a Tablet or Smartphone

You can play at much lower stakes while you’re playing online, and initially, till you find your feet, you can also play for free and not get asked to move away from the wheel to make room for paying customers. Another advantage is that you don’t have to push anybody out of your way to get to the table of your choice. You can play at your own pace. Should you not feel sleepy at a ghastly hour of the night. You can always log on and play a few spins, and then try to get back to bed. Hopefully slightly richer than when you started.

When playing online live roulette, every wager you make is recorded. Which builds up your loyalty points, as opposed to a real casino, where many simply forget to hand in their card to be registered. If playing on one online live roulette isn’t enough for you, who’s to say you can’t play on more than one wheel at the same time. Many sites allow this funtionality.


Double Action is new way to play roulette online or live from a casinoAs with many great inventions, there’s always a ‘better mouse trap’ out there every few years.
Some examples are ‘Card Roullette’, where a wheel has been fitted out with fifty-three (53) pockets, instead of thirty-seven (37), to allow for a standard deck of cards, plus a ‘Joker’ to provide a game with greater odds and more variables.

Another recent innovation is the ‘Double Spin’ wheel. Here there are two number rings, one fitted inside the other, and these rotate in opposite directions whilst the ball spins. The pockets fix at the point of the ball dropping into the main ring. Providing two winning numbers at the same time, and some other combinations as well. Again, to give more betting options and higher odds.

Responsible Gaming

Lets be clear, gambling can hurt people financially. So playing for enjoyment is the only way to go.
If you stop enjoying the play, please walk away. Stop for a day, or even longer if needs be. Lot’s of gaming sites allow players to exclude themselves for various periods, also they offer helpful links to self help groups if you think you want to talk to others about it.

We hope you enjoyed the brief summary here, and we also hope you enjoy having some roulette fun.

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