Mobile Gambling Sites | A Technological Revolution

Mobile gambling sites were took by surprised. Smartphones did a revolution in the world of technological and there was a moment that surprise a lot of people. Have become an integral part of everyday life. The industry is like nothing we’ve encountered before, and we are truly living in an incredible age. With advances ranking these units in first place. These devices are always on, always with us, and are always connected. The global demographic for mobile usage are users between the ages eighteen to thirty-five.

Many have stopped using their home computers and ended up using just their smartphones for almost everything. This spans from checking emails, shopping, payments, watching videos, browsing, photography, social media, and even for online gambling.

More and more people have turned to the smartphone, as opposed to the use of a pc, to gamble, over the last few years. This poses a danger because of the fact that people can start from a young age. Even though the legal age to gamble is that of eighteen. Technology improvements to support Internet gambling are constantly taking place. This may have an impact on the population to have access to Internet gambling in real-time speeds.

Mobile gambling sites are getting more important for online gambling campanies.

Mobile Gambling Sites

Placing an online bet nowadays simply involves pressing a few buttons on your phone and hope luck’s in your favour. There are no threats, or difficulties, and this sort of online gambling has been fully accepted as the norm. With the very large sums of money which can be won. This entices people of all ages to use their smartphones when they can. With the intention of bettering their financial position.
Today, more than half of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. With the average person now spending more than 50% of their waking hours online. Checking their phones countless numbers of times on a daily basis.

People are turning to their phones more and more, increasing the phones’ share of digital marketing advertising rapidly. In 2013, the market share was that of 16%, going up to 29% in 2014, and is forecasted to reach 70% by 2019. These figures show the importance of smartphones for marketing purposes, which is something that online casinos have become aware of. More and more online casinos are targeting mobile users as they have realized that their customers are always connected.

Call it addiction, others call it a need, but whatever the case might be, smartphones are here to stay. And the technological advancements done on them will only get better, make them even smarter than they already are.

The Evolution of Mobile

All the signs show that mobile casino sites is literally taking over the iGaming industry. But where will handheld casinos be in the future? Mobiles started with 1G network, then went on to 2G. Today it’s up to 4G, and the end is not yet in sight. With 1G network, security had its issues, and it was far from where it is today. With the advent of the 2G network, horizons were widened and a boom was created for these devices.

The casino industry entrepreneurs realized the potential, but took time out and waited until the technology advanced more. However, their wait wasn’t a long one as the smart phone explosion was knocking on their doors.

Apple released its first iPhone in 2007, and Google joined in a year later with Android. Finally, online casinos could offer players a means of handheld gaming. Which sky-rocketed to today’s network, the 4G, and opened doors to hundreds of mobile gambling sites for the taking.
Apple would released its newest smart phone in September 2016. The iPhone 7, and its technological advances involved in this device are next to incredible. This leap in technology, coupled with speed which bettered personal computers, made mobile gambling sites look just great. With this possibility, people who play casino games using real money became a walk in the park. Nowadays, tablets and smart phones have the cutting edge in technology, and have basically taken over.

Mobile Gambling Sites now are even on Social Platforms

Mobile operators have been offering games on social sites, like Facebook, which has a huge following of the worlds’ population. Most of the games here as yet don’t include real money winnings, but the near future might change all that. Mobile gambling sites have adopted social games, like Candy Crush and others, for real money games. With deals being made with these companies, the social site market to play with real money will be realized very soon.

Mobile gambling technology had in the last few years because on device as smartphone and tablets.

Gambling Technology

A new trend that is rising in popularity with mobile players, are skill games. These games involve endless levels, as well as multi-player options. Which offer constant competition skill games making them very popular, and very addictive. At the tip of the iceberg are names like Bejeweled and Solitaire. While developers are working of various other titles, which can be found on many famous casinos.
Many are still dubious of the legitimacy of online gaming, but with Live Online Casinos, this has painted a different picture.

The Reality To Play in Live Casino From A Smartphone

With the possibility of seeing, and actually talking to a live dealer in a casino. This has offered players the sense of actually being in a real casino. All this can be accessed from the comfort of one’s mobile phone. This has had an impact on Las Vegas casino floors, with a reduction of their revenue dropping from $12.9 billion, to $11 billion. Jackpot City, Winner Casino, Rich Casino, and other online casinos, offer excellent live mobile gambling sites. Interacting directly with professional dealers have given people the sensation of actually being in a brick-and-mortar casino.

Mobile gambling sites are sprouting as new mobile devices keep on being released. However, one word of warning, though, and that is to do your homework properly. Go through reviews as to which online casino can be trusted or not. For after all, your name is on the account you register, and so will be your money.

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