At Home Online Casino Play, Casino Dealt Live Casino or Online Casino? How To Choose?

We all enjoy having a Flutter, be it simply over a pint of beer (Sportsmans Bet), or perhaps for something more tangible, like a monetary one. While some people enjoy reaping the fruits of their win in liquid form, many others enjoy the cash rewards such a form of bet embraces. This article is about the latter type of wagering. The type to line your pockets with, and to leave you feeling like you’ve struck gold. The best venue for such a thing, and most probably the safest of them all, is a casino. This can either be a live casino, or an online one. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, the trick is, to understand it. Why does a live Casino beat a SportsBook or Lottery shop? Well it’s down to the ‘Cash Tie-up’; with sports or lottery your money is held by the operator until the outcome is achieved. This could be a day or even longer. Whereas with a live casino the result is normally seconds away, and the cash-out direct to your hand if played Live.

Play in a live casino


The variety of casino games in a casino, both online, and in a live casino, is awesome. These include roulette, blackjack, multiple forms of poker, slot machines, and a host of others. When it comes to popularity, many are well known in their own right, but people choose which ones to try their luck on depending if they are seasoned gamblers, or beginners. Naturally, due to physical space limits the bricks and mortar casino operations cannot have as many gaming options as the online casino websites. So if variety is your thing stick to playing at the best online casino sites. It could also be to which game patrons have become accustomed to, and so feel safe sticking to a particular one of choice. The following games aren’t in any order, as it’s difficult to pinpoint which is better, or more favoured, than the next.


Slot Machines are games that you can find them in a live casino.

Live Casino Slot Machines

Many first time players try their hand at slot machines. The entry level of play is lower than the Tables, and the machine games are more simple to play in many ways. Just press a button and watch the spin. You can’t really go wrong playing on these machines, apart from accidentally pressing the ‘Max Bet’ button. Which if you’re on a limited budget, might end your gambling session quite abruptly. Modern slot machines play a number of different games (Multi-Game), and just for this reason, they are very popular. While playing these games, a patron can do so without bothering anybody. Not fear at being ridiculed at not knowing how to play at table games. Slot machines are also available on online casinos, thanks to several different software manufacturers, and these games are sought after by many followers. The only thing some people don’t like is the incessant audio jingles, being repeated again and again. Good news! The online casino slots games can be muted, allowing you to Spotify your ‘Fav’s’ in the comfort of your home on full blast.


The game of roulette is perhaps one of the most liked and easily recognised as far as table games are concerned. Many players have adopted their own personal strategies in a bid to win, but it’s still basically a game of chance. The concept of this game is to try and guess where a ball drops in a rotating wheel. The wheel has numbered pockets, from 0, or double 0 for the American version, to 36. A player can either bet on a single number, or on a combination of numbers. A player can opt to place bets on combinations of even or odd numbers. As well as on Red or Black or another option is to bet Low, High. The Numbers 1 through 36 can also be played by the Dozen, or in their respective Column on the tables cloth, again in three groups of 12 numbers. These pay 2 to 1 odds.


Table games’ embraces a long list, but Poker seems to top them all. Being very easy to learn the basics of play. Poker is one of the most celebrated card games ever, and is available in casinos all over the world.

Open Poker – Non House Games

This card game is so popular that Poker tournaments are held internationally. Many forms are played on a best 5 General information about poker from Open Poker – Non House Games to House Games of Poker.card hand basis, and the player with the strogest hand wins. Texas Hold’em, 5-card Stud, Draw, Razz and 7-card poker, are a few variants of this game. No-Limit Texas Hold’em is perhaps the most favoured of them all.  As a game Texas Hold’em has become very popular over the past ten years, thanks to the World Series of Poker, WSOP. Where the top prize can reach several millions of Dollars. Where open poker is available the casino will offer several forms of the game on different days, for example, ‘Pot-Limit’, ‘Freeze-out’ and ‘Fixed Limit’ versions, with Buy-in levels suitable for all.

House Games of Poker

This arena has many contenders. Caribbean Stud Poker was one of the first on the market over thirty years ago and it’s based on the five card Stud game. Due to the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, mentioned previously, there are now games like ‘Texas Hold ‘Em +A/A Bonus’, which is in fact like Caribbean Stud Poker, but with two extra cards dealt at the end after the wagers are all made. Games like ‘Ultimate Texas Poker’ and ‘SuperTexas Poker’ are much closer to the original open version, though ‘SuperTexas Poker’ is quicker to play and easier to learn.

Newer games such as ‘Russian Poker’ and ‘Luna Poker’; really the same game. Are very volatile and dangerous for a novice to play – unless you like losing fast! 


An extremely trendy live casino game from the sixties, is Blackjack. This is an established favourite, both online, as well as in any live casino. Blackjack is perhaps the most played card game in many live casino. During this game, the house plays against a player. Two cards are dealt out to each player by the dealer, including two to the actual dealer. The dealer’s cards will be one card face down, and one facing up, American Rules, or one card showing and the second card of the Dealers hand being dealt after all the players have received theirs, European Rules. Each player will then take turns in an attempt to get as close to 21 without exceeding this number.

The Aces equal to 1 or 11, while face cards are 10. Once all the players’ play their turns, the dealers’ cards are then revealed. Should the total of the dealers’ cards add up to 16 or less, the dealer then ‘Hits’, which means they take another card, or several, to get to 17 or higher, They ‘Stand’ (do not take another card) on 17. All the players who have a hand which beats the dealers’ win, as long as their total doesn’t exceed 21. In the case of an Ace and a ten value card  being dealt to the same hand in the initial two cards, then that is a ‘BlakJack’ and the hand is paid at 3 to 2 odds. All the other hands are paid at even money, should they win.

The basic game is so simple that many tables now have ‘sidebet’ options. Which allow players to wagers extra on different hands. One common example is ‘Over/Under thirteen’.


If you’ve ever seen a ‘007’ film then you’ll have seen this game. It’s actually the most simple of all the casino card games. There are two hands dealt, called ‘Punto’ (Player) or ‘Banco’ (Banker). You can bet on either, or them both being a draw (Tie) also know as ‘Egalitie’. It’s just the same as tossing a coin really. Heads or Tails, told you it was easy. In Casinos on the full table version the players get to draw the cards from the shoe, though on online casino play, this is not possible, so the dealers draw the card to the fixed rules which are the basis for the game. Player bets are paid even money, whilst Bank bets are paid at 19 to 20.


In a live casino, you can actually savour, feel and touch the surroundings. You can enjoy going round the place and watch people play, or just sit at the bar sipping away at your favourite drink, and soak up the atmosphere. If your hungry, most casinos have catering facilities, either full Restaurants or snacks served by a smiling hostess. They will soon appear with a little snack for you to nibble on, usually for free if your playing, just don’t forget to Tip them!

The magic is in the air. With dim lights and soft music providing a trendy rhythm to sway to, bursts of joy from winning patrons, to jackpots striking away ’till the early hours of the morning, make up the rest of the experience. You are lost in a different world, a world of fortune, of chance, a world of lights and sounds. At the first opportunity, you will certainly want to go back to, time and time again.

A major drawback with going to a live casino is to have to make your way back home, especially if the return trip involves miles and miles of open road. Having just one live casino in your area, which is not quite the dream-come-true experience you had yearned for, is another setback.

Online Casino

The growth in the play of online casino games has been huge in the last decade. With 3G Smart phones and now 4G available, more and more of the best online casino sites are just a swipe away from your phone. What makes a ‘Best Casino’ online? Well just like in the physical world, you wouldn’t trust a casino where the players do not go. So check out the Blogs and mediation sites, like to find out about the most, and least, trustworthy sites. As a rule of thumb, if a site is Licensed via a legal jurisdiction. For example the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, then it’s been checked out and passed fit for purpose.

Online Casino Review
online casino games

Online Casino Games Concept Computer and Smartphone.

A quick reference method would be to search with a question such as, online casino review, that would bring you to the best promoted and the most visited sites about. From there it’s really about the look and feel of the site, and if you think it will work for you. Of course if you have a good idea about what or how you’d like to play, then specifics like ‘play roulette online’ or ‘Live Dealt roulette’. Will bring you to the top rated operators, such as NetEnt or Evolution.

When it comes to choosing between online casinos, you are most definitely spoiled for choice. They all have their different qualities in one way or another. Eventually, you will have your very favourites, and the ones you wouldn’t want to touch with a barge-pole. What can influence you depends sometimes on your needs. Terms and Conditions which state that a cash out value must be of XXUS$. Or that there are long delays or limits to how long it will be before the money is paid out to you, can seem unfair, and frankly they are. So read the T&C’s!


This question poses several answers. One is that you don’t wish to be rushed off your feet by the live dealers. The fact that the dealer is pretty, not to mention beautiful, and one you would love to marry, is all ‘cosmetics down the drain’ if they can’t speak proper English, you can’t make out what they’re saying, or addresses you as an item and not as a person. You might not have the sexiest name in the world, but being referred to by your name is always more ethical, especially if your luck is deserting you. Though registering as a certain Mr. P. Ness will always raise a smile from most dealers. Another important factor is to have a good view of the game you’re playing on, be it roulette, blackjack, slots, and more. Why, so you can see what’s actually happening to your money of course!

The bottom line when choosing your online casino is to be at ease, comfortable, and to feel respected as a patron. The most important thing of all is to enjoy the overall pleasant experience an online casino can offer you.


The trick to enjoying your play, either online casino play or Live Casino play. Is to sit down knowing that the likely outcome is that you will lose – and that you can afford to lose the money you have and still meet your real world obligations. By learning about your game(s) of choice you can do the other thing to keep you playing – lose slowly. Don’t chase losing bets, put it all on one bet or play with credit. Financial distress is real, and gambling can be a cause of it. Don’t over play, so fix those pesky time limits the sites offer you, or even set your phone alarm if your out in the real casino environment.

A casino is not a bad place by default, but it is a business. With your money as it’s profit margin, so be careful out there, and Bon Chance.

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