Irish Leprechauns

Every country has its culture, which roots deep down into the sands of time. Fortunately, myths and legends are kept alive by the telling, from generation to generation, for centuries on end. There is a sort of special magic behind Ireland’s stories. Probably one of the most famous of them all, is about the Irish Leprechauns.

Irish Leprechauns Shamrocks Hat

Irish Leprechauns Hat

One of the things which have always fascinated me about this country, is actually about their Leprechauns. These we people seem to be as elusive as their pot of gold, which every one of them is said to possess. Apart from being a harmless nuisance to people. Their main chore is to guard this pot, which, by the time of writing this article, nobody has managed to get their hands on one yet.

The Irish Leprechauns are one of Ireland’s faeries. I always enjoyed fairy tales, and learning about these mystic creatures always amused me. Legend has it that if you manage to actually catch the Irish Leprechaun. You may end up being the luckiest person around. On the other hand, it is also said that catching one could bring you more trouble than you bargained for. These little people, apart from being smart and devious, won’t let anybody capture them easily. Will do all in their powers just to avoid that.

That includes turning people into croaking frogs, since they are gifted with magical powers. Given to them by the Irish fairies, to use if threatened. Should you happen to capture one of them, make sure that you don’t let him out of your sight! For he’ll vanish into thin air. If cornered, the Irish Leprechaun will try to bribe you with a gold coin, or grant you three wishes. Unfortunately, these wishes can send you insane, always as stated in these legends.

How You Can See the Irish Leprechauns

A leprechaun pot filled with gold coins highlighted by a rainbow on a regular green hill with a blue sky background

Leprechaun’s Pot Of Gold

The wise amongst the Irish advice that should you see a Leprechaun, the best thing to do is to totally ignore him, and look the other way. If you were to be given a bit of advice from an Irish person, that would be never to listen to what a Leprechaun says, for they have a nasty habit of confusing a person’s sense of logic.

Even if only a few inches tall, the Irish Leprechauns are gifted musicians and also shoe-makers. Dressed smartly in green, they wear hats, suits with waist coats, and have buckled shoes. The nights can be quite musical as they play tin whistles, fiddles, and also the Irish Harp. Apart from other traditional Irish instruments. Their drinking Poteen, the old Irish moonshine, adds to the merry-making of the night.

One thing which the Irish are also renowned for is their wonderful hospitality. I love their accent and I would, one day, love to be in a pub with a few of them for company. Never have I come across an Irish person who was in a bad mood. Friends have told me that they are the warmest people on this Earth, and judging by the few I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, my friends were right every time.

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