Gambling Commission Regulations

Gambling commission regulations are entering in more countries, to legalize and regulate online gaming. The online gaming world is expanding at an incredible rate.  Countries ranging from Brazil, Cambodia, to Switzerland all new gambling commission regulations boards or gaming authorities . To join many others in this mad rush for gold, with the only difference being that there is actually no gold, but other equally enticing rewards.

Brazil Gambling Commission Regulations

In Brazil, a wide ranging study regarding the implications of bingo, casinos and other gambling activities, is currently under way by the Gambling Commission Regulations, to create at the request of Deputy Nelson Marquezelli.  The Gambling Commission Regulations are to examine several proposals on the subject in a bid to push forward the tourism industry, and also for job creation.  Topics such as slot machines, the legislation of online gaming, and what is known as the Animal Game, which is the popular street lottery, will be analysed.

Mr. Marquezelli said that 200,000 Brazilians already play in other countries, namely Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay.  His point is  that the country cannot let the currency flow out of Brazil. The main aim for the 2.5 million playing worldwide, to come and play in Brazil.  Adding to this line of thinking, Deputy Nascimento comments that Brazil cannot ignore the fact that in more developed countries. Gaming is a source of tourism revenue.

Fierce resistance from religious groups will face any pro gaming legislation, an issue which is still controversial in Brazil.   However, the legalisation of gaming is estimate to generate a revenue equivalent to more than half of the US$ 10.5bn. A figure which the government, via the so called Provisional Contribution on Financial Transactions, CPMF. Hopes to raise with the aim of balancing public finances.

Others Countries Aiming To Offer Safe Online Gambling

Online Casino Regulations for more countries.

New Countries had introduced Online Casino Regulations

Cambodia is also jumping on the band-wagon, and joining other countries in the mad rush for gold.  A surge in new casino licences this year brings the total to seventy-five with new gambling commission regulations.  The recently appointments operators are aiming to offer online gambling since this is tolerated. As long as the gambling operation has a license brick-and-mortar casino.

Most of the new licences are to operate casinos in Sihanoukville.   Chinese investors are attracting to Cambodia because of this country’s lax regulations and have dominate this town.  With it not being on the border, not many tourists frequent the area.  Since the Cambodian ministry doesn’t track these operations, the Chinese are showing a great deal of interest. However the Cambodian Kingdom is pushing to control the poor regulation of online gaming, namely in Sihanoukville.

In their own country, the Chinese face an anti-corruption drive, as well as tighter surveillance of Macau, its biggest gambling hub.  In a country where gambling restrictions are great, Asians find Cambodia convenient with its loosely regulated and under-supervised casinos.

Different Regulation for Live and Online Casinos

People prefer playing online with a live-dealer base within a real casino setting, via video streaming.  However, the dealer might not actually be in a casino.  Any working space will suffice, as long as gaming tables and dealers are available, and by the use of webcams.  In many cases, online gamblers can chat with the dealers, or with other online players.  This arrangement has grown in popularity since a substantial numbers of players have expressed scepticism regarding at just how fair random-number-generation. Within the the electronic gaming software, actually is.

Following this train of thoughts, the Chinese are investing in Cambodian venues, namely hotels and guesthouses, and modifying them into online live-dealer casino operations

With live-dealers being Chinese, there arises a substantial requirement for accommodation. High costs are incurred with using live-dealers, since these work twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, on a shift system.  The use of high-tech equipment is a must. This includes cameras, studio equipment, as well as high-speed Internet connections.  This infrastructure also includes translators, and technical crews to keep the operations running smoothly.

Switzerland Draft Gambling Commission Regulation

Switzerland has finally woken up to the fact that it is missing out on the gambling revenue. After having banned poker tournaments held in private outside casino premises, in 2010. Although Swiss Federal Council has a new gambling commission regulation draft to relax the laws. In 2013, this still has a limit number of licenses.

Presently, Switzerland seems on the verge of legalizing online gambling, namely online poker.  This comes about after proposals have been drafted for a law which would legalize this game.   The 21 brick-and-mortar casinos in Switzerland would greatly benefit if a licensing agreement is drawn up, as planned.  The draft bill includes all types of online gambling, which at the moment, Swiss laws completely prohibits.  The bill also seeks to include private, as well as home poker games.

Switzerland ban on Online Gambling

Because of the complete ban on online gambling, existing brick-and-mortar casinos are suffering.  On top of that, no form of marketing, or advertising of online gambling products and services, is allowed.  Also, no gambling-related payments are permitted.

Should Switzerland make changes to their online gambling commission regulations. Offshore, as well as domestic gambling organizations can apply for a license to operate their gambling business there.

Malta Gaming Authority responsible for the land and online casinos in Malta.

MGA Mission Statement

The country’s present tax laws are very favourable to offshore operators.   One of the new bill’s proposals is that there should be no imposing of taxes on money won through gambling activities since the present law requires casinos, sportsbooks and lotteries to pay taxes.  According to the bill, part of the taxes  will go towards social projects and charities.

It is too early to stipulate if Switzerland’s new online gambling laws will require operators to accept partnerships with operators of existing land casinos for these to launch online gambling services in the country.  This follows the reaction of the Swiss Casino Association who is against this new draft.   The association maintains that operators of non-land casinos should not be granted a licence.

Australia Online Gambling Regulations - Is Australia on the warpath

Gambling, in its many different forms, is very popular in Australia, and its relevant laws are somewhat liberal.   The country has several licenses land base casinos, and poker is legal too.   Slot machines and video poker are available in pubs and clubs.    For those who enjoy sports betting, nearly 3,000 such outlets exist in Australia.   For those who prefer to gamble away at a somewhat reduce speed, these can enjoy a game of bingo.  To summarize, Australia offers plenty of opportunities to gamble legally.

Online gambling is legal too, but there are government impose restrictions and the gambling commission regulations came into operation with the passing of the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001.  These gambling commission regulations has aim at the operators rather than at the individuals doing the actual gambling.   It is illegal for operators to advertise, or provide real money online gaming services.  They can, however, offer their services to customers in other parts of the world.  The aim of this gambling act is to protect Australian residents from themselves.  In other words, to make them become aware of the potentially harmful effects online gambling can have.

Australia Law and Regulations for Online Casino and Land Based Casino

Australia Gaming Authority

Clubs Australia has a partnership with the American Gaming Association, AGA, in a bid to stop illegal online gambling.   The main aim is to respond to the number of illegal online gambling web locations. Which pose money laundering threats, as well as possible terrorist financing activities.  Together, they plan coordinated efforts to inform governments of illegal operations, forcing them to close their doors.   They also will inform their governments to step up their efforts in order to hit offending firms.

Online gaming is regulated under the federal and state/territory law.

AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence agency,  has a record of 300 per cent increase in the number of transactions which could be related to terrorist financing.

Executive Director of Clubs Australia, Mr. Anthony Ball, comments that an international model to address the problem is required. Mr. Ball compared the present Internet and online gambling activities, both on tablets and phones, as being unregulated and in need of gambling commission regulations.   Furthermore, he said that companies operating in tax havens, all over the world, provide these illegal services to Australians.

Clubs Australia, made up of territory and state associations, represents the interests of nearly 7,000 licensed clubs across Australia, and New Zealand.  These interests include taxation, tourism, skills and training, industrial relations, as well as gambling reform.

Malaysia Gambling Market Regulations

With the world evolving into an online casino, Malaysia is another country in which the market in this particular field has bloom.  With the thrill of Internet betting being one of a contagious nature, many are inflicting this bug on to others. And the numbers keep on rising on a daily basis.  With hundreds of casino games available, choosing a favourite game and a favourite casino is an easy accomplishment.   Two online casinos which cater for players from Malaysia are none other than Dafabet, and Bodog.

Taking care of your customers, and offering them a choice of games is what it’s all about.  Dafabet Casino has become a huge success after following these simple rules.  Also, their website caters for several languages. With English and Chinese being included, which makes it practical for players from all over the world.   One of the advantages for Malaysian players is that this casino accepts payments in Malaysian ringgits. Which makes it easy for Malaysians to play in their own currency rather than having to convert their money.

In this casino, players from all walks of life can have a go at their favourite casino games online.  People range from occasional gamblers out looking for some fun, to high-rollers.  One of the beauties about this online casino is that it’s easy to play at. It’s fun, and the most important factor of them all, is that it’s a safe venue.

Online Casino Malaysia’s Laws

Regululation by CEZA, and First Cagayan, in the Philippines, ensures there is compliance following strict gambling commission regulations. A Dafabet Casino policy is to ensure that whoever plays with them will have peace of mind, pleasure. Enjoys the sensation of a true casino experience from the comforts of home. Playtech is responsible for Dafabets’ different choice of online casino games, and these include also the famed Marvel slots.

On the other hand, Bodog Casino is another of Malaysia’s popular casinos, but its approach is somewhat different.   This casino has been online since 1995, and being at the top of its industry for quite a while. The brand is well known worldwide.

Bodog boasts of having a selections of four diverse product channels under the same brand.  These are Bodog Sportbook, Bodog Racebook, Bodog Poker, as well as Bodog Casino.   Apart from having created exclusive games itself, Bodog boasts of titles provided by Rival, RTG, as well as Betsoft.  Having to cater for such a wide variety of products. Some might wonder if this brand has spread itself a little too thin.

Regulations Help The Experience of Players Playing Online Casinos
Laws and Licensing Authorities in Malaysia

Malaysia Laws and Licensing Authorities

This online casino, like Dafabet, emphasises that gambling should be a fun experience.  This approach applies to both slot machine enthusiasts as well as table games, like Roulette or Blackjack.  Whether one loses or wins is an important factor. But the most important issue of all is for the players’ overall experience to be one of fun and entertainment and under certain gambling commission regulations.    Important that everything being clear and easy to understand.   Each game has its objective and description, and also an explanation of what all the buttons do which. Accompanied by tutorials, go down well with both novices and experience players.  Having over twenty different card games of your choice, which includes variations like single or double deck, and European Blackjack, there’s always something new to experience.

Customer care is something this casino leads the way with.  Specialists are always available, via live chat, phone or just email. Which means anybody can talk to a real person about a problem that might surface.  This service is available twenty-four hours a day.

Even though this casino leads the way along with Dafabet, as well as a few other brands, Bodog doesn’t directly cater to Malaysia as far as language and banking services are involve.

Security of funds is a main issue, and Bodog makes this safe by offering payment options. Such as NETeller, Maestro, Moneybookers, PaySafeCard as well as Visa.  Payouts from this online casino are  quickly and efficiently.

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