Donald Trumps Wins Big – So Does Online Gambling in the USA!

Online Gambling - Shock result for Trump Presidency Win

Yes the polls are in and the votes are counted, it’s official Donald Trump will become the 45th. President of the United States of America in January of 2017. So what has the new POTUS got to do with online gambling, also known as the Remote Online Casino Industry?

Donald Trump Triumph can change Online Gambling in the USA.

Well politics does feature, of course. Where Sheldon Adelson, and at times Steve Wynn are firmly against the online gambling businesses, Trump has never strongly opposed the idea. More importantly, as major Democratic Party sponsors, Adelson and Wynn, have financially promoted the wrong star. The Democratic Presidential candidate is now sunk, and possibly soon to be indited.

Nobody ever really believed Adelson, and depending on how the wind was blowing, Wynn, thought online gambling was bad/evil/the end of civilisation as we know it. It was just that the part of the Gaming industry which they had fully invested in, or had real ‘skin’ in, was the Bricks and Mortar market; not the digital. Ergo; to keep profits up, we block on-line business from becoming a threat.

The Big Loser Hilary took the money………

Hillary Clinton The Big Loser of the USA Election 2016!Well the DNC and their liability Hillary took Adelson’s money, they wagered, and lost!

So what now? What’s the likely position for the new Republican Administration?

Donald doesn’t duck……..

As a previous investor in the Casino industry, though certainly not the World’s best, Mr. Trump has shown he understands the business and he’s willing to promote it.

The entire campaign, he’s just stunningly won, has been based around ‘Make America Great Again‘. The major plank of that process being, bringing jobs back to America, bringing investment dollars back to America and increasing the number of job opportunities for fellow Americans.

All of the above slots nicely into the Online Gambling Industry model. Albeit tiny examples, let’s consider the Isle of Man and Malta. Both of these islands have over the last decade become World renown hubs of the online gambling industry, so much so, that minuscule Malta now has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the EU and a rapidly increasing average annual salary level, which is the envy of neighbours like Italy and Spain.

Just the kind of stimulus that New Jersey was hoping for when it entered the online gambling arena recently; only to be held back by the interstate restrictions such as the ‘Federal Wire Act of 1961’ and the back room support of Adelson and co.

Huge Uncertainty now surrounds online Gambling Industry in USA

Implications of Mr. Trump’s Victory for Gaming

It seems that the composition of the inner circle of the Trump cabinet will have a decisive effect on the industry. 

Liam Casey of Bet On Experts feels that in light of a strong position for Chris Christie being awarded, then a positive outcome would be most likely; however, Sheldon Adelson’s, albeit late, support through his newspaper, could influence a negative scenario especially if Gullianni gets the Attorney General role.

Tom Galanis of Tag Media, and co-founder of GameOn Affiliates though thinks the DFS scene will be down and out within a year. Not good for DraftKings et al, and their backers.

The Twittersphere and Social Media got into the fray with a line from Adam Krejcik of Eilers & Krejcik Gaming:-

Though there was no unified opinion on the matter. Adelson is between a Rock and a Hard Place. He supported Trump, as Clinton would have been negative toward his business Empire. Trump on the other hand knows Gambling as a business, and his infrastructure plans need funding, and lots of it. Tax from a booming online gambling industry could be just what the Trumpster wants!

On the other hand………RAWA

The Restoration of America’s Wire Act would rewrite the Federal Wire Act of 1961 with the goal of extending the Wire Act to ban most forms of online gambling. This has been proposed already in Congress, supported by Senators who owe Adelson.

So we’ll likely know soon, though State by State development is my bet.

Time to change…………

So Mr. 45th. President, if you want to start as you mean to continue, reform the Wire Act, get Silicon Valley fired up about the opportunities and get real about letting your blue collar supporters have a bet on the ESPN games – just like the Europeans et al already can, and do!

S.Thornton. Director - SuperTexasGames Ltd

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