Casino Slot Machine Evolution and Jackpots

For those who don’t know why a casino slot machine is called so, the answer is because it actually has a slot through which coins can drop into. The term ‘slot’ originally used to apply for all automated vending machines, as well as for gambling devices. Before the advent of bill validators and card/ticket systems, technology was quite dated. The only way you could ‘feed’ a casino slot machine, at the time, was by dropping coins in its slot.

Technology had changed the total concept of a slot machine.

Classic Slot Machine

In the 20th century, the term became only related to casino slot machine as we know them today. These machines are also known as fruit machines, or one-armed bandits. The latter term being adopted since they used to have a lever on one side of the machine which one could pull to initiate the spinning of the reels. Even though these levers can still be found on modern machines. It’s more for those who wish to go down a trip to memory lane. However, the levers actually still initiate the spins when pulled.

The first casino slot machine, which was a pure mechanical device, was the Liberty Bell, and it was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey (1862 - 1944), a mechanic from San Francisco. This machine had three spinning reels, with diamond, spade and heart symbols on each reel. The reels also had an image of a cracked Liberty Bell, which if all three bells stopped in a row. Prompted the machine’s huge jackpot of fifty cents, which were then dispensed as coins from the machine.

Casino Slot Machine - TV Inspired Themes

Nowadays, not many casinos still use slots to feed the machine with coins, or tokens, for advances in technology have made these redundant. As sad as it might seem, people have missed using coins. Then hear the endless chinks as loads and loads of coins drop into the tray once the jackpot is hit.

Along the years, slot machines dominated every casino, despite the classic impression of croupiers, chips and cards. Table games normally take up just 20% of the total floor space in a modern casino. While the remaining 80% is allocated to casino slot machine, a figure, which rose from 50% back in the 1970s.

Very popular games are TV-inspired themes. This includes Wheel of Fortune, which is a favourite by many. Other TV-inspired themed games are “Sex and the city”, “Happy Days”, “Family Guy”, as well as “CSI Miami”, to mention just a few. Casinos have grasped on to the fact that the general publics’ love for their favourite TV shows can transcend from their telly screens, to casino slot machine, and such games have exploded in popularity. These are enhanced even more with actual audio and video clips from the same shows.

New Technology on Casino Slot Machine

3d render illustration. Laptop with slot machine. Casino online games

3D Online Casino Slot MACHINE

Modern casino slot machine use player tracking, which assist Companies to understand how people react when playing. Data is accumulated and can determine what keeps people hooked on certain machines, rather than others. Also to calculate just how far people are willing to risk in gambling.

Over a substantial period, ‘small-time’ regular gamblers are worth a great deal to casinos. If one was to calculate the amount of money gambled by these regulars. When compared to the heavy gamblers, the results are very similar.

The advances in casino slot machine are incredible. Some manufacturers have made machines that talk to clients, and await their response. Others offer 3-D graphics, and these, coupled with music, lights, graphics, and payout rates, have managed to attract followers by the millions, and will carry on to do so, time after time.

Jackpot Lucky Winners

Luck can be with you even when you least expect it. Many such occasions have actually occurred along the years. Luck is there for the taking, and anybody, and everybody, is entitled to share of this during their lifetime.

Young woman in Casino on a slot machine

A Jackpot Winner

It is said that luck follows the lucky ones. But it is not necessarily so, at least not in every case. Such is the occasion when one person struck it rich when she was busy in the bathroom, to be more precise, on the toilet…

Back in November 2014, a woman who’s initials are I.R., was enjoying an online casino slot machine game on her mobile phone at her mum’s house. When nature called, and she left her mobile for a while ’till she met nature’s needs. When she returned, she found herself 1.8 million Sterling richer. Was it good timing, was it luck, or was it Karma? We might never know, but it goes to show that playing online slots can actually be a good thing. Can change your life in ways you never dreamed of.

This particular lucky winner got bored at her mom’s house, and decided to play a few spins on an online casino using her mobile phone. During her loo break, the Mega Moolah jackpot wheel appeared. Her phone said, “You have won the jackpot”, followed by a load of digits.

Winning a huge sum of money like that would make anybody happy, and I.R. planned to use some of her treasure to buy herself a new car, and to treat her daughter to a fabulous five-star hotel in Mexico. I.R. also said that she intended to pay off her mothers’ debt, and to effect a very generous charity donation.

Mega Moolah’s Jackpot - Popular Online Casino Slot Machine

A spokesman for Golden Tiger Casino was quoted as saying that they were very happy that one of their players hit this jackpot, at Golden Tiger Casino. Mega Moolah, due to its high frequency of payouts, has proved to be a very popular online casino slot machine game.

Mega Moolah Jackpot Online Casino Slot Machine

Mega Moolah Jackpot

This jackpot has been kind to many others in the past, rewarding its millions like they were hotcakes. The record-breaking jackpot has been that of 13.2 million Sterling, won by a British soldier from Cheshire, UK, in October of 2015. In the same year, $7.5 million were won by a Canadian player.

The Mega Moolah’s biggest jackpot in the history of mobile phone gambling was that of $3.9 million. G.M. couldn’t believe it. Especially since he won it while playing on his mobile phone. He was quoted as saying that he couldn’t believe his luck. When the casino staff contacted him to congratulate him on his epic win. He was over the moon, and this win had taken him totally by surprise.

Another winner was John Orchard, from Lincolnshire, UK, winning 5.88 million Sterling, in December, 2012. While playing The Dark Night online casino slot machine, linked to the Mega Moolah jackpot network. Mr. Orchard also had luck on his side as normally he plays bingo, but he decided to play 30p on an online casino slot machine, and triggered this huge jackpot.

$1 million Jackpot Winner In Norway

In November, 2012, a $1 million jackpot was won in Norway, and 2.6 million Sterling were won, in July, 2012, by a man from Midlands, UK. The Lord of Rings slot was lucky for Susan C., who won 1.9 million Sterling, in December, 2011. With only a 50c wager, A.D. won an incredible 3.8 million Sterling, in October, 2011, while playing at Challenge Casino. A.D. travelled to Sydney, Australia, to the restaurant Aria, which overlooks the famous Opera House, and Harbour Bridge, to collect his cheque.

€2.5 million were won by Mr. R., on December, 2010, and in August, 2010, Mrs. P. Won $4.2 million at Spin Palace. She was playing Summertime, which is one of the Mega Moolah’s themes, linked to this jackpot network.

Betway Casino Jackpot

While playing at Betway Casino, in October, 2009, Polish player Radoslaw M. Won $1.2 million. He said he was afraid to touch his computer as he was shocked. He was quoted as saying he was so happy, he didn’t know what to say. Following his win, he planned to get married, have a honeymoon, and live a dream life with his fiance.

Slot machine  win-win-win combination.

Casino Slot Machine - Winner Combination

Klaus, from Finland, managed to turn a 50c coin into $5.5 million, that’s 11 million times his original bet, at Blackjack Ballroom, in April, 2008. Klaus said that he thought a US phone number just appeared on his screen, but the numbers were actually his big win. Initially, he couldn’t believe his luck, but after being contacted by the casino, it suddenly managed to sink in. Georgios, from Greece, became an instant millionaire when he won over €6.3 million, in May, 2009. He had spun five Euros, and life for him was never the same again.

The Mega Moolah’s main jackpot, known as the Mega Jackpot, can be triggered during a random bonus round, where the player has to spin a big wheel of chance. For the lucky ones, the wheel lands on the right slot which can win the jackpot, a sum, which is paid out in one lump. Every time the jackpot is hit, it resets to the least amount that can be won, a cool million.

The progressive jackpot increases between one hundred thousand, to two hundred thousand every month, or even more, depending on the number of players trying their luck at the time.

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